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Natural Squanlene 1000 Mg


Squalene with low dose pravastatin had synergistic effect on reducing LDL, Triglyceride and Total Cholesterol along with increase of HDL than the increase seen with either drug alone.

The addition of Squalene to a low dose of statin have a greater lipid lowering effect than increasing the dose of statin.

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Squalene supplementation significantly lowers the circulating plasma leptin levels resulting into loss of body weight and body fat.


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ESTILENE provides stamina & endurance

By supplying oxygen, Squalene stimulates metabolism of the cells. Prevent Acidotic cell syndrome where cells become acidic, deteriorate and die due to the lack of oxygen. This aspect is being used to help to provide stamina, endurance and improve general well being.

(Human body has on an average six billion Oxygen reliant cells. Oxygenation promotes good health to the most basic level of life-the cell. Squalene is a poly unsaturated hydrocarbon, C3OH5O. In order to stabilize to hydrogen ions from water and acid in the body. In this process it Releases oxygen to the cells.[C3OH5O+6H20->C3OH62+3O2].)

ESTILENE in wound healing

In clinical trials Squalene supplementation procollagen type I mRNA levels and MED increase significantly. Procollagen immunostaining tended to increase UV-induced keratinocytic apoptosis and thymine dimer statining were substantially reduced.


Clin Exp Dermatol. 2009 Jun;34(4) 500-8. Epub 2009 Apr 14.

High-dose squalene ingestion oncrease type I procollagen decreases DNA damage in human skin in vivo

Cho S, Chol CW, Lee DH, Won CH, Kim SW, Lee S, Lee MJ, Chung JH.

Department of Dermatology, Seoul National University Boramae Hospital, seoul, Korea.


ESTILENE as an antioxidant

Squalene exerts an antioxidant effect by inhibiting mitochondrial lipid peroxidatiob resulting into lower melonaldehyde formation. Squalene increases the level of Reduces Glutathione and Glutathione dependent antioxidant enzymes.


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      Dosage : 1 gram to 4 gram daily can be used.
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